A paint mill ground the pigment for oil based paint. This item usually resides in the Hardware Store here at Charlton Park and was discovered by volunteer John Foley. The pigment would be placed in the reservoir and ground by turning the handle. The ground pigments would be pressed out of the sides and scraped by the scraper, causing the pigments to fall in a regulated place. The mill was created by J.A. Berrill & Sons, New York, c. 1860 when the patent was granted (to see patent, click here). Berrill took an early model and improved it by keeping the pigment from flying out at high speeds. J.A. Berrill made his home, and had his factory, in Waterville, New York. It was an important industry in Waterville, and employed many in the town. A similar paint mill was listed for sale in the 1895 Montgomery Ward & Co. Spring & Summer catalog for $7.50!
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