Baird often wrote poetry and prose in his diaries and we will publish some of these in the absence of letters and diary entries. This poem followed the June 9th date.

June 9

Faith in God

While on the wakes of lifes

rough sea

By storms and tempests


Thou Lord wilt shield

and comfort me

And bring me safe to Heaven.

Tho few should rise

Tho friends should fail

Tho dearest ties be riven

My faith in thee will

still prevail

And [smudged] me on

to Heaven.

And though afflictions

bitter cup

To me is often given

I still with confidence

look up

And put my trust in Heaven.

And when the shared

hours of love

Like golden streams

at [smudged]

Break on my heart I

look above

And feel they come from Heaven.

And when the

Trials of earth are over

And lifes last link

is riven

Then will I haste to

[illegible] share

And reign with

Christ in Heaven.