Portion of Aug. 27th entry, HCP Collection

Aug. 27th 

Today has been cold and rainy.

We were hurried off so quick that some of us could bring neither over-coats nor blanket in consequence of which we suffered considerable with the cold last night.

Not having brought any food with us and not expecting any till late we began to examine the premises around us. In a deserted house upon the hill above us, was found several pounds of pork, half barrel of crackers and some fish, this with a fine lot of potatoes taken from an adjoining building made us quite a breakfast. Between eight and nine o’clock a.m. our overcoats and blankets came with a supply of provisions. Today our pickets were thrown out into the woods for half a mile west of the road and thus were drawn in again at the close of day.

Though we neither saw, nor heard anything of the enemy from our position, still there was considerable sharpshooting done out in the front at Balls cross road, the result of which I have not yet learned.

The skirmish at Ball’s Cross Road between Union and Confederate troops took place August 27th -28th. As indicated, Baird did not participate in this skirmish. Read an account from the New York Times here and a map of the area can be found here.


Who’s Matthew Baird?