Dec. 2

The past, to my last date, has been a blank to me as far as regards military matters. The 7th Oct. I was taken very sick. The 17th I was conveyed to regiment hospital and the 19th was removed to Georgetown to the Seminary Hospital.

I was detained there four weeks with a heavy fever, and then again, 17th Nov. was removed to this place; U. S. General Hospital, Annapolis, MA. I have been here two weeks today. I forget to say that the 4th Brigade removed from Camp Albany to Fort Lyons  two miles below Alexandria, on the 14th Oct. I have heard nothing definite from the 3rd since I left. They are however in the same camp.


Civil War Washington  is a wonderful website with a plethora of information on Washington, D.C. during the Civil War. The site contains information about soldiers that were housed in the Seminary Hospital Baird mentions above, and also gives us our first clue to Baird’s ailment – typhoid fever.


Who’s Matthew Baird?