Dec. 24th

By the lively movements around the hospital toward evening today one would think merry Christmas was approaching in good earnest, even for the weary way – worn soldier. Pies and cakes in abundance, roast turkeys, and baked ham and numerous other good things, and substantial came in by wagon. Something to make glad the heart and satisfy the [illegible]ing hungry stomach of the soldier. Something to remind one of its joys and seasons of merriment. It reminded us too of the loved ones there and the annual gathering, the circle round the old hearth-stone. The meeting of old friends and…

Baird trails off at the end of this diary entry and never picks up the thread. He does not write on Christmas Day, presumably to enjoy the festivities around the hospital ward. His mother receives a letter written on December 26th describing the scene.

Happy Holidays!


Who’s Matthew Baird?