First page of George Baird's letter. HCP Collection.

Hope Jan 28/62

Dear Son

We Recd yours of the 13 we found by your letter that you are not so well as we thought you was I am very sorry that you are not geting Along, but allways be willing to say the Lords will be done not mine, your being sick may be All for the best we are all well at present we are doing the best we can the wether is very bad it snowed very hard yesterday and to day it is raining very hard, the snow is About one foot deep.

I would like to have you write A letter to Robert and Ask him if he still retains his Religion he does not Attend to his Class meeting atall, him and Charles and Henry Ward are About Alike neither of them has Any thing to say when they are asked, I want you to talk to him, but don’t let him know that I said Any think About it my letter Robert is A Good Boy but he has got of the track, write as soon as you can your Mother say she will Answer your letter as soon as she can this is from your Father   Geo. W. Baird


Who’s Matthew Baird?