Maggie Bowker, HCP Collection

Camp Kellogg
Sept. 18th, 1862

My own Maggie,

I once more sit down to address you a few lines, as I presume you will be glad to hear from me often. I am well yet and camp life begins to feel like home life again. When I mail this I shall send you my likeness in citizen dress and when I get my uniform I will send you it again in a case, if I don’t come to bring it. One company received their uniforms yesterday, and I presume we shall all get them soon. O, Maggie I forgot to tell you in my last letter that Jefferson and Belle were married. They were married the Thursday before I left home. It was quite unexpected by the most of the neighbors, and of course it took them by surprise. They came over to see me before I came away, but their stay was very brief. They are going to keeping house soon.

I wish you would write as soon as you this, and direct to Grand Rapids, care of Capt. Anderson.

Excuse these few lines. Adieu.

Ever Yours,


Who’s Matthew Baird?