Camp Kellogg
Dec. 9th, 1862

My dear Girl,

I have the unexpected privilege and pleasure of penning you a hasty note before quitting Camp Kellogg. Yesterday our horses and Saddles were all shiped, and today we were induced to get ready. My blankets are all packed, and my haversack is filled with two days rations. Most of the tents are ready for packing and altogether it looks like moving. It reminds me of camp life in old Virginia. It would be an interesting scene to you. But my time and space will allow me to say but little. Long ere you get this novel letter, I shall be far on my way to Dixie and I would’nt write now, only that you may know that amid the bustle and confusion of preperation for departure, I have not forgotten you, and for fear it may be a long while before I will write to you again. Again, dear Maggie good bye. Old Michigan, good bye. Remember me Maggie, it will be long ere I See you again, But you won’t forget me will you? I must close. Things look like moving.

Ever Maggie, I remain,
Your own,


The 6th Michigan left for Washington, D.C. on the following day attached to the Provisional Cavalry Brigade, Casey’s Division. Upon arriving they were employed in the defense of Washington, D.C.

Baird would not be able to write to Maggie again until December 23rd, 1862.


Who’s Matthew Baird?