Matthew Baird and his daughter Carrie Ethel, c. 1900. Courtesy of the Connell Family.

Matthew Baird and his daughter Carrie Ethel, c. 1900. Courtesy of the Connell Family.

Exciting news! Early in September, the Park’s curator received a call from a distant Baird family member that had stumbled across this blog. Our hopes of finding a photo of Matthew Baird were finally fulfilled! The image to the right is of Matthew Baird and his daughter Carrie Ethel Baird, likely taken around 1900. Thank you so much to the Connell Family for allowing us to share it with you!

Washington D.C.
Sunday, Sept 27th ‘63

My dear Maggie,

Although it is very difficult for me to write, Still I must try and pen you a few lines. I am So weak it is hard to work for me to write. I Sit up but little of the time and I get, oh So tired lying abed all day. But this will not last long, I hope to get Stronger Soon. A poor fellow from the State of New York, whose cot was next to mine, died this morning at 11 ½ o’clock. His soldiering is finished, and he has gone to render his account. Oh how necessary it is that we Should be prepared, “for in an hour that we think not, the Son of man cometh.” Fred Bergman is going home on furlough. He Starts next Tuesday, Oh how I wish I could go with him.

Well, Maggie, I have not heard directly from my regiment since I left, but by other means I learn that in crossing the Rappahannock a few days ago, it was tiribly cut up. It was placed, as usual, in the advance. It is four weeks to-day Since I had a letter from you but I presume there are letters for me at my company.

I sent for them, when I first came here, but they don’t come along yet. Maggie, I wish I could write more, at least more that would interest you, but my stock of news is exhausted, and I am compelled to be brief.

I don’t hear from home. Oh! how I would love to hear from home again. But I must close. Remember me as usual to all the friends.

And believe me, dearest,
Your own,


Who’s Matthew Baird?