Maggie Bowker, HCP Collection

Maggie Bowker, HCP Collection

Stephensburg, Va.
March 19th, ‘64

My dear Maggie,

I once more attempt to write you though this time under very distressing circumstances. I learned to-day that brother Robert is not expected to live I believe I told you in my last letter that he was very sick. I have not heard directly from him in sometime, but the news came by way of letters to others of the boys. There is not much being done down here now. Everything is very quiet. I expect to hear soon that brother Sammie has got home.

I am quite well myself and trust this may find you in good health. As you may well imagine my feelings under present circumstances, you will readily excuse the brevity of this. It is more than two weeks since I have heard from you. I will write as soon as yours comes.

Yours, ever,
Company K 6th Regt.
Mich Cavalry
Washington, D.C.

Robert Baird does not die as a result of the sickness Baird mentions. Robert Baird was born in 1843 in Mt. Giliad, Marion County, Ohio. He was the third eldest of the Baird children after Matthew and Samuel. In the 1860 census, he is 16 and living at home in Cedar Creek, Barry County, Michigan. Robert enlisted in the cavalry on August 5th, 1864 in the same unit as his brother Samuel – Co. H, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, “Merrill Horse”. Records indicate that while in Benton Barracks, Missouri, during the fall of 1864, Robert and many others in his unit, came down with the measles. Robert was brought home and succumbed on December 4, 1864. 205 other soldiers in his unit also died as a result of the measles.

Who’s Matthew Baird?