Maggie Bowker, HCP Collection

Maggie Bowker, HCP Collection

Near New Castle Ferry
Pamunkey River, Va.
May 3rd, 1864

My dear Maggie,

I snatch a few hasty moments from our busy life to write you a few lines. Since my last letters from Milford Station we have had two hard fights but we whipped the rebels both times. In the last one we lost heavily, but the rebel losses exceeded our largely. Our company lost three wounded; the regiment 9 killed & 26 wounded. The rebels are “gigging back” all the time, & we gradually coming down onto Richmond. We are withing [sic] 15 or 20 miles now. The infantry are nearer. The infantry are fighting to-day.

Maggie, I thank God I am well – my health is good, and trust will remain so through the campaign, and God only know when that will end.

My dear girl, excuse me from writing more at present. I will try & keep you posted as often as possible as to my where abouts. Remember me, dearest, as yours, ever,


Who’s Matthew Baird?