Dec. 19th

The steamers New York and New Brunswick arrived today with the eleventh Connecticut regiment. This is a very fine looking body of men, uniformed and equiped throughout. This regiment is also connected to the present expedition. A quantity of shells and several morters also arrived from Washington. The number of vessels in the bay is increasing. The weather has been delightful to-day notwithstanding the indications for rain were so strong last night.

Baird has been observing the formation of  Burnside’s Expedition, which would begin to depart for Hatteras Inlet on January 5th, 1862. The 11th Connecticut had just been formed and left their state for Annapolis, Maryland on December 16th, arriving there on the date of this entry. General Ambrose Burnside detailed the expedition in an speech given in 1880 – you can read an abridged version here.


Who’s Matthew Baird?