First page of letter written by Julia. HCP Collection.

This letter from home was written by “Julia”. Unfortunately, the author’s last name is not known, and thus no background information has been located.

Hickory Corners Oct 15th 61

Friend Matthew

I was surprised indeed when I got your letter for it was the first new I had received of yous having gone to war. I was very glad to hear from you the [illegible] so perhaps that you are so far from home. I had about made up my mind that you had forgotten me. But I find that you have not. I have often thought of you and the happy days we used to spend at Mr. Elliot’s those pleasant, those sunny hours will never be effaced from my memory. Do you remember that Sunday when we went to School pond together within years, a thousand other little incidents do I think of I seems hardly four years ago time flies so swiftly away. Little did we dream then that our country would be in such a condition as it is now and how little did we think that you would have to take up arms against a sister state, those that fight – for their stars and stripes fight – nobly and may their efforts prove successful in restoring our land to its former peaceful tranquility. May God prosper the right and soon put an end to this civil war. Do not forget those dear ones at home who watch with eager anxiety – each mail that comes to hear some news of the absent one and forget not the friends that you left in Barry, may the remembrance of past scenes and happy hours induce you to write often we can never live over the past – only in memory and may they never be forgotten. I should be glad to hear from you as often as you find it convenient to write and be as familiar as you please.

From an old friend.  Truly


Who’s Matthew Baird?