The 6th Michigan Cavalry was very active during June and July of 1863, even serving at Gettysburg as Baird alludes to below. He also mentions the battle at Boonsboro on July 8, but does not go into details. Follow the links to learn more.


Boonesborough, M.d.
Friday, July 10th, ‘63

My dear Girl,

You will perhaps think me rather negligent in not writing before; but to tell you the truth, I’ve had no time to write, & no chance to mail letters if I had written.

Since I last wrote, we have passed through a great variety of scenes, many of which have been fraught with danger & fatigue. Our regiment has been in four different battles & skirmishes since the 29th June & I have been present at every one, But as I have time to write only a little I will not Stop to give you the details now, but as soon as we are again settled in camp, I will try & give you a full account of our operations.

We have been fleecing the rebel army “right Smartly” and preparations are being made to give it another. Such a disposition has been made of our forces that almost every one is confident of success. I truly hope we may –

Well, Maggie, our regiment spent the 4th marching & fighting. The afterpart of the day was dreadful Stormy, but it made no difference as Fighting & Marching are our business now. The day before yesterday we had quite a fight at this place, we drove the rebs. But you must excuse me from writing more at present, & when the hurry is over I will write you a long letter.

I am enjoying remarkably good health for the fatigue through which I’ve passed.

Good bye for the present & if Spared you Shall hear from me Soon again.

Your letter of June 20th was received at Gettysburg July 4th, also one from May at the same time. I will send you a Confederate Postage Stamp, which was found in a train we [illegible], & given to me.

Love to all,
Remaining the Same
Constant & true,



Who’s Matthew Baird?