June 4

Quite an excitement was created among the soldiers on account of the officers refusing to let them go home. A great many however obtained furloughs for three days away. The day has been wet and drizzly in consequence of which but little drilling has been done. There were but few visitors in camp today. Dress parade was short and uninteresting.

June 5

Nothing of importance occurred today except the lowering of the flag at half mast and the firing of a number of guns in honor of Judge Douglas. The regiment made a very fine appearance on dress parade. A rumor has been circulated today that this regiment would soon leave here for Washington. The most of the men seem eager to go.

“Judge Douglas” refers to Stephen A. Douglas (April 23, 1813 – June 3, 1861) a well-known Illinois politician who lost his presidential bid to Abraham Lincoln in 1860. He served as a justice of the Illinois Supreme Court in 1841, where he received the name “Judge”. He may be better known by the nickname “Little Giant” due to his height and his larger than life presence in politics. Douglas died of typhoid fever on June 3, 1861 in Chicago. To read more about his life and see images, click here.

June 6

Nothing of particular interest occurred today. The weather though was fine. Dress parade was attended by quite a number of citizens.


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