Camp Michigan Jan 10/62

Mr. Baird sir I received A letter to day from you and read it with pleasure it found me as well as could be expected. I have been able to do duty ever since I came to camp and feel first rate at present. The rest of the boys are all well but Duane and ralph hanly [Henly]  Duane is not any better than He was when I came to camp he cannot use his right much yet and I do not think he will get any better this winter I was waiting for A letter from you so that I would would know whether you was coming out here or not so I could send you letters to you. I got one for you last week and it had almost slipped my mind until last night when I happened to find it in my portfolio our mail comes once A week now I guess for we have had no mail for three day or more until to day besides four more to send you which you will please acknowledge the receipt of in your next it is very wet and muddy here now the mud is shoe deep in the streets of the camp. We were called out Christmas morning at four oclock and marched out to Pohick Church where it is was reported the rebels were building A battery but when we got there we could not find a single secesh in A mile of there and finally marched back to camp at night. I do not know as I have any more news to write at present, please excuse all mistakes and poor writing. this from your friend Dwight Tousley.

P.S. If you want your description list please let me know in your next



Ralph Hanly enlisted at the same time, and was in the same company, as Baird and was 19 years of age in May 1861. He ended his career in 1865 after serving in Co. E of the Fifth Michigan Infantry. To learn more about him, follow the link at his name above.


Who’s Matthew Baird?