May 5th

Sabbath. Notwithstanding today is sabbath carpenters are being detailed and are busily engaged in constructing and repairing quarters for the soldiers. But little drilling has been done. The day was spent in idleness by most of the men.

May 6th

All Healing Salve recipe. HCP Collection

Today our company elected the officers, wrote a letter home and got leaf [leave] of absence and went down to the city [Grand Rapids, MI]. This morning came on the sick list with sore eyes. The dust in marching to camp injured them very much. The surgeon gave me medicine to apply to my eyes.

Baird was often ill. As the diary indicates, and letters home, throughout the Civil War he was susceptible to illness. He often speaks of being ill, or recovering from illness or having spent time in the infirmary. The photo shows a recipe for All Healing Salve.  The recipe was made by Mrs. J. Burniston of Washington D.C. and was written out for Matthew Baird on Sept. 16, 1866.


Who’s Matthew Baird?